Chalk Bucket CrossFit offers the following times for classes:

Classes are Monday through Friday

Morning: 5:30,8:30 & 9:30

Evening: 4:30, 5:30 & 6:30

If you can’t make to one of these classes, just let us know and we will try to work around your schedule.  All training is done in a class format to bolster teamwork, competition and hard-work.

The Fees for Chalk Bucket CrossFit are 150.00 per month for unlimited classes

If you have an additional family member, they can join for only 75.00 per month

Any others after that are only 75.00 per month

You can cancel at anytime and there is no long term contract

This membership gives you as many trips to the gym as you can handle and any extra coaching or teaching that you might want

We also offer a week free for anyone that is thinking about giving it a try, just stop by or drop us a note if you are interested.