We have had a bunch of new people starting at the box lately and they have had some questions.  So, I decided to add a page to hopefully address some of these and put people at ease.

If you don’t see something here that you think I should add, just shoot a comment over and let me know

1.  I am a beginner and not in very good shape – is this for me?

All of our workouts can be scaled to any individuals current fitness level.  That means you will only do the workouts that you can handle.  You will be in the same class as people that have been coming for a while, but they will help you with encouragement and support.

2.  I have a bad back, knees, or an old injury – can I do this?

We can program any workout to fit around anyone’s needs and avoid any injury.  We also like to work on stretching and strengthening the affected areas.  Usually, we can help the injured area by increasing the range of motion and surrounding musculature.

3.  How many times per week should I come?

This depends on what you are trying to accomplish and what other activities you do when not in the gym.  The best workout program has been shown to consist of 3 days of work followed by one day of rest, repeated.  But this can be difficult to follow with a busy life.  Alternatively, a schedule of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday is a good schedule to keep.  Doing just 2 or 3 days a week is also good, if you can get some supplemental work in between gym visits.

4.  Do I have to come to a set time or schedule a class time?

Our classes are unlimited and you can come to any class that fits your schedule.  If you feel like coming to a morning class one day, then an afternoon class the next, that’s okay.  We are always there at class times, so you don’t need to schedule or let us know – just show up ready to go!

5.  Is there a long term contract?

You pay by the month and you can stop or suspend your training at any time.  We don’t ask for anything more than payment on the first of the month if you plan on attending.  We take credit cards, cash and checks.  We also offer a FREE, one week trial if you would like to try it out before you buy.

6.  I see that you lift weights and I don’t want to get big and bulky (mostly asked by the women).

We do lift weights and try to strengthen our entire bodies, but without drastically changing your diet, taking supplements and going to extremes with the weights, you won’t need to worry about getting masculine looking.  You will gain lean muscle mass, but you won’t look like a body builder unless you want to.

7.  I need to lose x amount of weight, will CrossFit get me there?

While doing CrossFit, you will cetrainly get into better shape, but we typically don’t measure our success by weight loss.  You won’t lose pounds like you will with some forms of exercise, but you will notice that your clothes fit better and everyday tasks come easier with our program.