My wife and I started Chalkbucket CrossFit because we were in the same position you find yourself right now.  Michelle had just given birth to our son and she was struggling with losing the weight – in fact, she told me she was going to be fat the rest of her life!  We knew we had to make a change.

We tried joining a gym, attending classes and working with a personal trainer and none of it worked – until we tried CrossFit.  We knew immediately that we had found the one thing to keep us on track and help us feel better about ourselves.  We have been teaching and learning about CrossFit ever since and we love it more today than that first day.

We constantly talk about the family atmosphere and attitude at our box and we feel that is the main reason that people see such great results.  We have kids running around, friends catching up and people making connections all the time.

Make sure to visit the rest of our site where you can see pictures of our members, view the workouts that we do daily and answer any questions you might have.  You can also visit our facebook page to keep track of what is happening around the box and within our community.

We hope to see you soon and please contact us with any questions or comments.  We love to hear from people how we can make our site, our box and our lives better.