August 24, 2011

A Crossfit staple

One staple of Crossfit workouts is the jump rope.  I know most people have a hard time with the rope, but that is part of what Crossfit is all about.  Remember, we want to push you a little outside of your comfort zone.  We want you to do new things, different things, and things that you think you can’t do.

In a nutshell, we want you to try and master new activities.

Why, you ask?  Well, look back at what you have done over the last X amount of years and tell me honestly that it has accomplished all of your goals.  Do you look and feel like you want?  Are you still interested in the gym?  Are you getting stronger, faster, more agile, flexible, and less injury prone?

So, three reasons for the jump ropes.

  1.   First, it’s a great cardio and metcon workout.  It works your lungs, arms, legs, and core all at the same time.
  2. Second, it’s a new workout for most people.  Think about it, when is the last time you really spent time jumping rope?  High school, middle school, elementary school?
  3.  Finally, it’s too damn hot to do our cardio outside.  I mean, who wants to run, lunge, or do anything outside right now.

So, with that in mind, let’s keep up the hard work.

Aug. 25, 2011
“Alternating 20 Minutes”
Every minute, alternate between slamballs and jumpropes without rest

Post the number of total slamballs