Sorry for the missed post the last couple of days – with the fires in Magnolia and the schools shut down, it’s been a little hectic around here lately.

We at Magnolia Elite Fitness would like to say a special thanks to all the firemen, paramedics, heavy machine operators and local volunteers.  What a great example of how a community can come together in a time of crisis.


We wanted to let everyone know that we will have an open workout Saturday morning at the gym.  If you have the time and aren’t too sore to get one more workout in this week, come join us.  Even if it’s just to watch Michelle and I sweat through the fight gone bad.

September 17, 2011
“Fight Gone Bad”
3 rounds for repetitions – 1 minute at each station
  • wallballs (20 lb.)
  • Sumo Deadlift High Pull (75 lbs.)
  • Box Jumps (20 inch)
  • Push Press (75 lbs.)
  • Row
  • Rest

Keep a running total of reps and calorie count on the rowing machine.